Analog Matters is your direct connection to the best possible sound from your turntable

  • The Beginnings of Analog Matters goes back to 1971. This was the year that Steve Davis crashed his car and purchased his first High-End system. Little did he know at the time it would lead to a lifelong career in the Audio Industry.

  • It Wasn’t Long Before a Thorens turntable entered the picture and Steve was working in an retail shop. At the time the store carried Micro Seiki, Kenwood, Ariston, Keith Monks, GAS, Yamaha, Infinity, Dalquist, Metrenome, Rogers, JR Audio, Mayware, Grace, Denon, Revox, Crown, Luxman and many other esoteric brands from that era.

  • Many lessons Were Learned about how to properly install tonearms and setup turntables using the finest products available at the time. Test records and oscilloscopes were the best and most effective means to achieve good tracking and low distortion in the day. Now with the advent of multiple programs and test records, tuning devices, gauges of all types and the know how you can achieve the absolute best setup from your beloved analog rig.

  • In Steps Analog Matters. The cost of turntables and cartridges today give pause to grabbing the cartridge and starting to align it yourself. All it takes is a small mistake to create a very frustrating experience and one that could be very costly. We guarantee all our work 100% and will take full responsibility for your treasured system.

  • Steve Davis History in High - End Audio:

Beginning in 1975 working at Sound Post sales and technical

1983 founded retail store

1995 founded distribution company

2009 founded AXPONA

2013 founded B.E.C.

2019 founded Analog Matters

Beginning on September 1st 2019 Analog Matters will offer for sale only the finest Analog products made today.

Brands will include:

  • van den Hul cartridges - electronics - cables & accessories

  • Ikeda cartridges - tonearms - transformers

  • Wilson Benesch turntables - isolation platforms

  • Ypsilon phono stage

  • Stacore CLD footers - isolation platform

  • Decca cartridges

  • Funk Firm turntables - tonearms - accessories

  • Power Modules by David Belles - all current production products

  • Grado cartridges, headphones, replacement styli, and accessories

  • Origin Live fine turntables, tonearms, cartridges and other products

  • The shopping cart is being populated currently and will begin offering sales on September 1st