The best setup I’ve ever heard on a turntable. Steve knows analog. He had an impressive selection of tools and a program that measured all the parameters so they could be adjusted individually and then fine tuned to his specifications. Thanks again I’m now listening to every record I own and hearing them for the first time.
— Paul Gonzalez - Myrtle Beach SC
Amazing sound now that Steve adjusted my setup. I was never confident that I was getting everything out of my VPI Aries 3 and JMW arm. I am now convinced I’m getting it all, thanks Steve.
Oh, by the way, I’m building a new listening room and will be moving the system in a few months. I won’t even begin to listen until you reset the VPI.
— John Deuble Ormond Beach Fl
Beyond amazing! I’ve been listening to the equipment and not the music. Now with a properly adjusted table I’m hearing music. It not only comes from the system but from beyond the boundaries of the room. It’s as if I’m actually in the recording space each time I spin a disc. Thanks Steve for the careful and professional setup you provided this old audiophile.
— Allan Mandelstam Blacksburg VA
Please tell me I’ve not been losing this much for all these years. What a difference it makes to have a professional make the adjustments. Don’t believe it when someone tells you it’s easy to setup your own table. It might be easy to put it all together but you don’t know what your missing until it is in perfect spec.
— Drew Hedrick Somewhere in Missouri